Buy a pair of Bracelayer KX2 RedLine Hockey Jock Compression Pants and receive a free pair of Blade Shades sunglasses ($40 value). Offer ends Sunday, Jan 20th.


*** See below for details and promo codes ***

Bracelayer KX2 RedLine Hockey Jock Compression Pants are built for Active and Recovering Knees


Blade Shades - "Blackeye"

Our Original Blade Shades are styled after the modern carbon fiber sticks that have been a staple of every player for the last 15 years. Now you can keep up with the new stick designs and represent some of your favorite sticks all while looking like a stunner heading to the rink.

Blade Shades - "Goon"

Goon Glasses are the ultimate throwback to the time when sticks were wood, players didn’t wear helmets, and everything was black and white. It is always good to look back and learn from the old school while rocking these classic style shades. The Goon Glasses are based on the original lumber we used in the good old days.

Blade Shades - "Goalie"

The Goalie Glasses are a no-brainer and look just like the goalie stick you are already using. Everyone knows that the goalie sees  the whole game and now that transfers to everyday styling. The Goalie Glasses are the perfect addition to anyone that is a goalie or has the ambition to stop the puck at any cost.

Use one of the above promo codes at checkout and we will include your free Blade Shades with your purchase. If you are buying two pairs of pants to qualify for free shipping and want to two different blade shades, please put a note on your order and specify what style shades you want!