Bracelayer® Knee Compression Gear FAQs

What are Bracelayer® Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants?

Knee stabilizing compression pants have unique and functional designs that incorporate a thin layer of medical-grade, ventilated neoprene around the knees, IT bands and hips to improve balance and stability while reducing joint pain.

What materials are Bracelayer® Knee Support Compression Pants made of?

Bracelayer pants are made out of an antimicrobial Lycra® compression fabric which is 88% Nylon / 12% Spandex. The supportive Tri-Tech layer around the knee and along the IT band is made from the same compression fabric with a thin layer of medical grade perforated neoprene on top, which is then covered with a compression mesh.

How should my Bracelayer® Compression Pants fit?

The overall fit should be snug with the bottom edge of the neoprene resting near the top of your calf muscle. Your Bracelayer may require a short break-in period. Our garments do fit tighter in the waist and knee than traditional compression pants in order to maintain a snug fit and function as designed.

How to put on Bracelayer compression gear?

Bracelayer compression pants have a unique design which requires special care when putting on: 1) Bundle the entire leg of the pant and pull completely over toes and foot. Continue to slide over heel until the bottom of the pant leg is above the ankle. 2) Bundle the perforated neoprene area and pull upwards over the calf until the bottom of the neoprene area is 3-4" below the kneecap. 3) Take hold of the sides of the neoprene area and in a series of gentle pulls, slide the brace layer over the knee, taking a moment to adjust and smooth out any creases as you go. 4) Repeat with other leg and enjoy.

How do I wash and care for my Bracelayer Compression Pants?

Wear them often and play hard. When they need a wash, make sure to wash them in cold water and hang to dry. High heat and over washing will accelerate the breakdown of the perforated neoprene and cause the antibacterial treatment to lose its effectiveness. Also, avoid the use of fabric softeners and use minimal amounts of detergent when washing.

What anti-bacterial properties do Bracelayer pants have?

Our compression fabrics are treated with an antimicrobial agent composed of naturally occurring silane quaternary ammonium salt to prevent bacteria growth and keep you feeling fresh and odor free

How long will my Bracelayer compression pants last?

This will depend on how often you wear your Bracelayer pants and how often you wash them. Because of our antimicrobial treatment, you shouldn't need to wash your pants after every use. Generally, your Bracelayer Compression gear should last around the same amount of time as a good quality running shoe.

Can I wear my Bracelayer under my custom rigid knee brace?

Yes. In fact, we strongly recommend wearing them as a knee brace base layer to improve knee support. The pants were designed by someone who has been wearing DonJoy, Ossur, Generation II & CTI custom knee braces for over 20 years. The pants are thin enough to fit comfortably under custom knee braces. And they are the best compression pants in preventing the distal migration of rigid knee braces down the leg and also help prevent skin trauma caused by knee brace straps.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally via Canada Post. International shipping rates will be auto-calculated at checkout.

Where does Bracelayer gear ship from?

Bracelayer products ship from British Columbia, Canada

What is your Return Policy & Exchange Policy?

We have a 30 Day Return & Exchange Policy on all items. Click here for more info: Bracelayer Return Policy

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Compare Bracelayer Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants

Length / Style

Tri-Tech Layer

Lycra Base

Misc Product Info


Full Length

2 mm

215 gsm

Multi-sport, the original, our most supportive pant


Full Length

1.5 mm

195 gsm

Multi-sport, our lightest weight full-length pant 


3/4+ Length

1.5 mm

195 gsm

Multi-sport, our most breathable pant

KX2 Alpine

Full Length

2 mm

235 gsm

Thermal / Fleece Lined, good for all snow sports

KXV Alpine

3/4+ Length

1.5 mm

235 gsm

Thermal / Fleece Lined, great for skiing and snowboarding

KX2 RedLine

Full Length

2 mm

195 gsm

Ice Hockey specific pant w/ velco sock panels and cup pouch

KXV GreenLine

Full Length

2 mm


Cycling Specific