About Bracelayer Apparel Ltd.

Bracelayer® Apparel Ltd. is a Canadian company founded in 2015 in Whistler, British Columbia out of a need for advanced knee support and stability in an athletic compression garment.

Our mission is to improve athletic performance, speed recovery and reduce pain through the targeted compression and stabilization of key muscles and joints

  • Increase Stability & Balance

    • Our Tri-Tech construction uses medical-grade, perforated neoprene to provide targeted compression to provide increased stability & balance.
  • Reduce Knee Pain & Control Swelling

    • The targeted knee compression provided by the Tri-Tech layer also helps to reduce knee aches and pains as well as control inflammation. 
  • Added Protection & Injury Prevention

    • The addition of neoprene around the knees, hips and along the IT bands adds an extra layer of protection and help to keep the joints insulated and operating at optimal temperatures to prevent injury.
  • Anti-bacterial Treated Fabrics

    • Bracelayer Compression Gear has undergone an anti-bacterial treatment to fight off harmful microbes and keep you feeling fresh & odor free!

Bracelayer Knee Stabilizing Compression Pants are high-performance athletic tights built on a 4-way stretch, moisture wicking & anti-bacterial Lycra® base which provides overall compression to help promote circulation and boost performance. 

Our unique designs then incorporate a thin layer of medical-grade, ventilated neoprene around the knees, IT bands and hips to improve balance and stability while reducing joint pain.

Bracelayer Knee Sleeve Compression Pants

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The Bracelayer Compression Pant Lineup

The KX2 Full-Length

  • The original knee stabilizing compression pant was designed by someone who has been wering customs knee braces for over 20 years. 
  • 215 gsm anti-microbial and moisture wicking Lycra
  • 2 mm medical-grade, ventilated neoprene
  • No-slip waistband and flat-lock stitching

The KX2 Alpine Thermal Pant

  • The original knee stabilizing compression has been upgraded with a thermal lining to keep you warm above the tree-line
  • 235 gsm thermal, fleece-lined anti-microbial Lycra
  • 2 mm medical-grade, perforated  neoprene Tri-Tech layer
  • No-slip waistband and flat-lock stitching

The KXV 3/4 Length

  • The KXV is out thinnest and most breathable Bracelayer and pairs great with hard shell knee braces.
  • 195 gsm anti-microbial and moisture wicking Lycra
  • 1.5 mm medical-grade, ventilated neoprene
  • Compression mesh below the knee with no slip-cuff and waistband

The KX2 RedLine Hockey Pant

  • Hockey specific pant with a pouch for a protective cup, velcro panels to secure hockey socks and added knee support
  • 195 gsm anti-odor and moisture wicking Lycra
  • 2 mm medical-grade, ventilated neoprene
  • No-slip waistband and flat-lock stitching