Do you wear a custom knee brace? November 18, 2018 12:45

Do you wear a custom knee brace? If the answer is ‘YES’, then Bracelayer™ Stabilizing Knee Compression Pants are built for you. 


At 15 years of age, I suffered a complete tear of my left ACL during a basketball game. I tried not to let my injury slow me down but over the course of the next twenty years I had a number of knee operations including a few arthroscopic surgeries to remove damaged meniscus and cartilage, 3 unsuccessful ACL reconstruction using patellar tendon and then left and right hamstring tendons and most recently a high tibial osteotomy where my tibia plateau was cut in half and a wedge-shaped disc from my pelvic bone was inserted into the tibia plateau to realign the knee.

ACL Tear Anterior Cruiciate Ligament Rupture

Throughout the course of all these knee surgeries, l have been able to maintain an active lifestyle thanks to custom knee braces. My first three braces where Generation II Extreme (now Ossur) Custom ACL knee braces, then I had an Ossur Cti Custom ACL brace and now I find myself sporting a DonJoy Defiance custom ACL knee brace which is a great choice for anyone with severe knee instability.

The two biggest problems that I have experienced with all the custom knee braces that I've  used over the years are the migration of the knee brace down the leg during intense sporting activity or when worn over longer periods of time and skin trauma caused by pinching and rubbing from the knee brace straps.

Bracelayer™ Knee Compression Pants help solve both these issues by incorporating a thin layer of perforated neoprene around the knee, along with the IT bands and around the lower lumbar area.

This layer of perforated neoprene is thin enough so it can fit comfortably under custom knee braces but is also strong enough to provide relief from straps pinching and digging into the athlete's skin. It also provides grip, even while sweating and prolonged periods of sport, to keep the knee brace firmly in the place where it is designed to be.

And the best part about wearing our Men's or Women's Bracelayer™ Knee Compression Pants under your custom knee brace is that you are giving your other knee a layer of support, stability, and protection that it deserves.

Do you wear a custom knee brace? Please share your knee story in our comments section!


DonJoy Defiance Custom ACL Knee Brace
DonJoy Defiance Custom ACL Knee Brace Layer
Ossur Cti Custom ACL Knee Brace

Ossur Cti Custom ACL Knee Brace Layer

Ossur Extreme Custom ACL Knee Brace 

Ossur Custom ACL Knee Brace Layer